About Eric…

Eric is an experience software engineer and technology team leader.

Previously Mailchimp’s CTO, Eric Muntz led the engineering teams that built, implemented, and maintained Mailchimp’s products and infrastructure. He was responsible for designing and aligning technology across the organization to deliver connected customer experiences that drove business success. Eric led the technology team through the 2021 acquisition by Intuit.

During his career, Eric has created web, desktop, and mobile applications for startups, small businesses, and the federal government. He’s an experienced leader passionate about mentoring and developing engineering talent.

Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Auburn University, and calls himself a "Hawaii-lantan" - originally from Hawaii and grew up between the south side of Oahu and Atlanta, GA.

He will happily talk about Hawaii any time, all the time!

Photo of Eric, a biracial bald man in a grey shirt

Talks, Podcasts and Articles

“What are You?”

An article about how growing up biracial as a white presenting man challenges where I belong in today’s racial climate

Learn about Eric's background and how he grew in his career. Maurice Cherry leads this interview for the podcast covering Black designers and engineers.

“From Engineer to Executive”

An interview with Eric specifically about the path into leadership from IC roles in engineering. Hear what he learned along the way with Marcus Blankenship.

Design Matters 2015

Watch Eric talk about trust and the importance of building a process the helps instill trust in users and the teams building your products.

“Why Mailchimp Loves the Web”

Talk from ColdFront17 about Mailchimp and the web. Hear about why the Mailchimp engineering team loves the web as a delivery mechanism and some fun stories along the way.

“Leading Remote & Distributed Teams”

As part of a Pluralsight panel talking about engineering leadership of distributed teams, Eric shares insights on how Mailchimp has learned to evolve into a distributed environment.

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